About Collaborations


While each of us has a separate, productive history of artistic accomplishment, we have collaborated formally since 2001, sharing all aspects of the art-making process. Every project begins with a concept that engages both of us equally — despite our differing approaches and affinities — and which offers the potential to become more than it would be if created by either of us alone.


We are intrigued by the gap between representation and abstraction and often operate at the very fulcrum on which images pivot from one mode into the other. Our work pursues the underlying perceptual and cultural mechanisms by which pure abstraction starts to represent, and the recognizable is transmuted into new meanings.

Recording uncanny instances of common subjects allows our work to reveal content-rich terrain available to the patient and discerning eye. We enjoy reshaping instinctive ways of seeing. While our approach relies on the camera’s accepted faithfulness of representation, we try to turn that documentary premise on itself by releasing unexpected imagery from mundane things.


This site provides an overview of our work, showing selected samples from the various series we have created. Curators, writers or collectors wishing to see more images from specific series may contact us directly.

Susan’s résumé (PDF) | Craig’s résumé (PDF)